Aluminum profile for special purposes.
The Aluminante company today offers a wide range of aluminum products with a narrow purpose. We are talking about framed profiles (frame products), profiles for trade and exhibition equipment, machine tools, profiles for wardrobes, aluminum rule for plastering, profiles for LED lighting, etc.
Modern profile processing
Aluminum profile lends itself well to various types of machining - it can be drilling, grinding, and milling. These products are perfectly welded by gas, friction, contact and other types of welding.
The external data of the aluminum profile can be so varied and at the same time extraordinary that it allows you to bring to life original design ideas. The most popular way of processing modern aluminum products is powder coating technology.
Also, aluminum can be anodized (a protective film is formed by oxidizing the product in an electrolyte) and cached (applying a high-quality PVC film to the profile surface). Anodized profiles are available in gray, olive, gold, brown or black, and caching helps give the metal the tinge and texture of the wood.
Aluminante offers various types of high quality aluminum profiles at affordable prices. Contact us, we will be happy to help you choose a product that is ideal for solving your tasks!

Special profile