Skylight Glass Roof
New mobile elements in cafes, restaurants and private homes help to combine the interior with the space of the street and garden. The company Aluminante contributes to the development of technology and presents the Skylight glass roof.
Skylight glass roof is an overlap for cafes, gazebos, summer terraces in country houses, greenhouses. The design of such a roof consists of double-glazed windows or glass panels, as well as aluminum profiles that can easily withstand heavy loads, the influence of bad weather and sudden temperature changes.

Skylight has an increased degree of tightness of double–glazed windows, noise and thermal insulation. No precipitation or extraneous sounds will harm the quiet rest and life of those who are indoors. Skylight has a detailed drainage system consisting of external and internal gutters to protect the interior space from moisture penetration. Such a design principle and accurate calculations of all its characteristics allow you to perform two main tasks at once. To provide complete comfort and security, as in a completely monolithic structure, while creating illumination, ventilation and proximity to nature, as in an open gazebo or veranda.

The architectural style of the building can be absolutely any, because Skylight profiles are not only fastening elements, but also decor. The choice of color is carried out using the RAL scale, it is also possible to design with a mother-of-pearl metal coating or applying a "wooden print".
The area of the room is absolutely not important, since such a roof is suitable for covering any building.

Skylight Features
High stability and reliability is provided by:
— installation on special metal supports or on its own frame;
— the use of durable aluminum profiles;
— reinforcement of profiles with a square-section metal rod;
— use of tempered glass in double-glazed windows.

Protects against natural phenomena and external influences:
— tightness of double-glazed windows;
— internal and external gutters that act as a drainage system;
— independently standing design;
— low heat dissipation;
— increased noise insulation of the system.