Standard aluminum profile.

The Aluminante company provides a full cycle of services associated with the production of certain products and components from aluminum. The production of goods takes place in our own factory, the production of aluminum profiles is carried out under the strict supervision of qualified specialists, which allows us to guarantee excellent technical properties of the metal and its excellent performance.

Our employees strictly adhere to the entire technological process, which determines a consistently high level of quality for all products. Aluminum will be an excellent material for making a variety of items, from plates for printing tables in printing houses to parts for plastic windows.

In addition, anodized aluminum has excellent visual parameters and can have both matte and mirrored surfaces, which makes it possible to embody design ideas of any complexity into reality and ideally fit a structural element into the overall appearance of the product.

Our factory for the production of aluminum profiles is ready to take on even large orders, since it has its own production facilities that can satisfy the needs of wholesale customers without losing product quality. This circumstance ensures long-term partnership and makes working with us reliable and efficient for any volume of purchases from your side.

An increasing number of companies use aluminum profiles to complete various types of products, the production of which must be carried out in strict compliance with all technical requirements and standards. Strict adherence to approved standards allows you to get a truly high-quality material with all the necessary properties, and therefore reliable and durable products from it.

Aluminante manufactures aluminum profiles and is pleased to offer a full range of services for the development of your business, from the development of high-quality aluminum products to the launch of products on the market.

This aluminum profile has such characteristics as high wear resistance and strength, which makes it possible to use it in structures of complex configuration and in such buildings where reliability and safety are important.

Extruded aluminum profiles are produced with wall thicknesses, usually 0.8 mm and more, and are additionally equipped with stiffening ribs, which are responsible for the strength of the structure.

Among other things, there is also a structural aluminum profile. It is also a load-bearing, industrial, assembly, machine-tool aluminum profile. There are a number of requirements for the characteristics of the aluminum profile, in addition to the individual preferences of the customer, which we strictly follow. Such requirements are enshrined in state and international standards.

The manufacturing plant Aluminante produces profiles from aluminum alloys of the AD group and European standard alloys 6060, 6063.

The aluminum structures plant Aluminante operates in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 and the European harmonized standard EN 1090, and all products are CE marked for foreign markets, which confirms the production control and high quality of the profile.