Industrial aluminum profile.

Industrial aluminum profile is one of the most modern structural materials, which has gained great popularity in construction and industry, allowing you to create complex engineering systems for various purposes.

Joints made without welding are not inferior in strength to welded assemblies. The combination of low weight and good strength characteristics, due to the use in the production of strong deformable alloys based on aluminum and a complex cross-sectional configuration. Minimum financial and labor costs, as well as efficiency of execution in the design and construction of structures of any complexity. Surface options of aluminum profiles - uncoated, anodized, powder painted.

The profile is resistant to corrosion, mechanical stress and has an attractive appearance.
The company, in addition to the main standard silver anodic coating, supplies a profile with a golden coating, as well as all shades from light brown to black. All colors are available in glossy and matt finishes.

Simple form profiles are divided into the following groups:
• corner section profiles
• T-section profiles
• profiles of I-section
• channel section profiles
• Z-section profiles
• building profiles
• skid profiles

There are high requirements for illumination at production facilities, and therefore, aluminum facades are popular in this area of ​​construction. The aluminum profile is used in the production of office partitions, wardrobes, windows and doors, as well as in the glazing of loggias and balconies. It is easy to assemble a structure of any shape from anodized profiles, so exhibition and shopping malls cannot do without them. Aluminum decorative profile is an excellent design solution for finishing furniture and shop fittings.

Our company uses the most advanced horizontal painting lines. The profile can be painted in all colors of the RAL palette, as well as in any colors and shades at the request of the customer.

Also, at the request of the customer, we can produce anodized aluminum profile. Anodizing is performed by immersing the profile in an anode bath. The production capacity of the anodizing line is on average 9600 tons per month. The anodized profile is resistant to corrosion, mechanical stress and has an attractive appearance.

Industry profile