Fences made of plexiglass Crystal.
Crystal is a modern and stylish solution for stairs and floor-to-floor spans. High—quality materials that are used in production make ordinary railings and fences a bright accent in the interior, and sometimes - a real work of decorative art.

Crystal railings and railings fit perfectly into almost any interior. They are transparent, and as if airy (and models imitating frozen water with rising bubbles are also available), but at the same time light and durable. And it's all about the properties of plexiglass, which is as transparent as usual, but much more reliable in operation.

With the help of this material, from an ordinary staircase or balcony, you can create a full-fledged art object that will not just fit into the interior of your home or institution, but also favorably emphasize the style and taste of the owner. An important detail forming the overall impression of any room is the central staircase. Its arrangement becomes an indicator of the impressiveness, the status of the landlord or the "face" of the company.

The elite barrier of the steps, which meets outsiders, indicates the delicate taste of the owners and is a reliable protective element of the entire structure. Safe railings for stairs are made of various textures.
A modern approach to the organization of stair fencing

Plexiglass railings are a modern look at the materials used to organize and protect staircases. At first glance, the apparent modesty hides the delicate work of the masters. To buy a plexiglass railing and install them means to provide a safe, durable and amazingly beautiful staircase space in the room.

The strict combination of aluminum elements in the plexi railing with LED lighting is suitable for luxurious classic interiors and high-tech style rooms. The beauty and originality of the staircase will make it the central object of each building, creating a comfortable environment in it.

The material has a wide palette of colors that will fit perfectly into any interior. The created optical illusion of transparent plexi fencing and aluminum inclusions in the form of chiseled railing posts will become a luxurious element of the room.

– It is twice lighter in weight than glass, has high permeability to visible and UV light rays, good physico-mechanical and electrical insulation properties, resistant to various atmospheric precipitation. In addition, the material is not susceptible to destruction in biological environments, it is completely harmless to humans.

– Despite its apparent fragility, it has sufficient strength to withstand serious mechanical loads. The properties of plexiglass allow you to make curly products of a variety of intricate shapes from it.

– The smooth and even surface of the products provides them not only with an attractive appearance, but also with ease of operation. When descending and ascending such stairs, you can not be afraid of injuries and accidental blows to the elements of the fence

– Decorative posts, handrails and balusters for CRYSTAL railings are made in several versions with a diameter of 38 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 and 140 mm. Balusters and entrance pillars also have different heights and shapes.