ASB 07
ASB 07 sun protection system
Modern windows can no longer be imagined without sun protection systems, which at the same time are a very functional option for window design.

Aluminum systems are particularly reliable and effectively protect the room from direct sunlight and prying eyes. Outdoor sun protection made of aluminum lamellas of various shapes is an effective protection from the sun, wind, bad weather, prying eyes and which decorates the facades of buildings and does not block the view from the room to the street.

The system performs a complex architectural task-protection from sunlight in summer and increasing their entry into the room in the cold season. This makes it possible to rationally use the energy spent on heating and air conditioning of premises. The design increases the comfort level of the premises by adjusting the intensity of sunlight. In addition, the slats add expressiveness and originality to the architectural image of the building. Elliptical sun slats can be movable or stationary, vertical or horizontal and can be mounted at different angles. The size of the lamellae in width is from 100 to 550 mm. Lamellas can be mounted both on aluminum facade systems and on the supporting structures of the building

The use of outdoor sun protection systems is the simplest and most effective method of passive cooling of the internal space of buildings and structures. Thanks to the lamella structures, most of the sun's rays stop even before entering the room, and the presence of a gap between the facade and the sun protection ensures air circulation (ventilation).

– Create permeable fences, which means that louvered facades will not reduce the degree of illumination in the premises.
– Ease of installation and high rates of work, which is explained by the lack of additional processing of parts.
– Protect the glass surfaces of the facade and interior from excessive heating and burning out in the sun.
– Protect glass facades from hail impacts and falling snow. Aluminum lamellas are very durable, and in case of deformation they are easily recoverable.
– Evenly distribute light, creating a comfortable environment for the eyes.
– Increase the sun protection and thermal insulation of the room, which significantly saves money on heating and cooling. At the same time, external blinds do not require any maintenance or maintenance.

Technical specifications:
– Complement and decorate the exterior of the facade;
– Rack profile;
– Profile of the thermal bridge;
– Steel plate;
– PVC profile;
– The cracker element;
– Profile of the clamping bar;
– Decorative cover profile;
– Gasket;
– Lamella profile;
– End cap;
– The cracker element;
– Bracket;
– Fasteners.

ASB 07