We present a wide range of components for aluminum architectural systems. We provide a range of services for supplying enterprises with a system aluminum profile, facade system, seals of our own production, plastic elements and accessories.

The company Aluminante presents a wide range of components for aluminum architectural systems of its own production.

The main task of the company is to complete manufacturers of translucent structures. We provide a range of services to supply these enterprises with a system aluminum profile in "cold" and "warm" versions, a facade system, seals of our own production, plastic elements and accessories.

Manufacture of accessories

Accessories are various metal parts and mechanisms that are auxiliary elements of a whole product or serve to fasten several parts of one product, for example, a piece of furniture, a window or door structure. Accessories include various guides, hinges, door closers, door handles, locks and many other details. Strict requirements are imposed on modern fittings of aluminum windows and doors — it must be both functional and durable.

The fittings produced by our company open up huge opportunities and management options for you. A simple window handle allows you to adjust the window profile and brings it to the most convenient position for you.

Window fittings withstand huge loads every day. Opening and closing the window, turning and folding the sash — all these operations will become simple and convenient, with the help of high-quality and reliable accessories. Thanks to a special coating that protects the material from corrosion, the fittings will not only serve you for a long time, but also give the window structure an attractive and original appearance. The unique design will successfully complement any interior. We have selected a wide range of colors of door and window accessories that can meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. The coating of the fittings is environmentally friendly and does not pose a danger to human life and health.

High-quality, reliable and practical fittings demonstrate a combination of elegant design in black and classic silver, functionality, increased wear resistance and durability. The innovative mechanism used by the manufacturer provides special ease of operation, ease of adjustment and smooth running regardless of the season. Strong blockers of the four-stage security system guarantee protection against hacking and illegal entry through the window from the outside. Thoughtful design and the presence of special plugs reduces the risk of dust and dirt accumulation inside the mechanisms. Comfortable ergonomic handles with protection do not wear out and do not loosen.

As a rule, manufacturers of furniture, doors and windows buy accessories for their products from third-party manufacturers, since their manufacture requires special technologies and special equipment.

The company Aluminante offers custom-made fittings according to drawings for doors, windows, furniture and products for various purposes. Our company manufactures a wide range of metal parts and assemblies of any complexity in its own tool production, both according to your drawings and its own design. The production facilities of our company allow us to ship large batches of products for companies.

Advantages of hardware manufacturing:
– High quality of finished products. Our fittings are of high quality thanks to modern and technologically advanced machines with software control. The release of products is controlled by the OTC.
– Full compliance of products with design documentation. The high precision of our equipment allows us to manufacture custom fittings in strict accordance with the design documentation.
– Competitive price. Favorable prices for accessories on the market.
– Qualified specialists. Our company's specialists are experienced and professional turners, millers and locksmiths.
– The quality of the window or door structure. You can replace all the elements without much difficulty. (as you can see by viewing our photo album).
– The quality of work and wear resistance during operation is unsurpassed.
– All mechanisms and elements are easy to handle, the work is soft and comfortable, repairs (this also happens) or the adjustment is accompanied by joy and peace.

The main advantages of accessories:
– Withstands 40,000 opening and closing cycles.
– Large range of adjustments.
– Works flawlessly at high loads (the weight of the flaps is up to 130 kg).
– 10-year service life of accessories.
- 20,000 cycles (opening, reclining and closing).
- 20,000 mechanical cycles for the window handle.
– 100% corrosion protection (more than 500 hours in saline solution).
– Wax coating saves you from greasing the fittings for the first 7 years. Unlike analogues, the processing of which is done with varnish.
– Without exception, all elements of the fittings pass the RAL test for strength and functionality, and the strictest control criteria are met already at the stages of development and selection of raw materials.

Currently, Aluminante is bringing its new developments to the world market, which will interest domestic manufacturers of window structures seeking to improve the manufacturability of their production and equip their structures with mechanisms that meet modern comfort and safety requirements.