The company Aluminante has the production and technological capabilities of applying powder coating of all colors of the RAL palette to an aluminum architectural profile. Our own production facilities, advanced technologies and equipment allow us to apply paint of the required color to the profile in a short time and at reasonable prices. Before applying the powder, the profile is suspended.
The profiles are attached to the traverse using drilled holes with a diameter of 5 mm at a distance of 15 mm from the edge of the product. Then the profiles are placed in a special chamber, where powder is applied to them automatically. Powder coating of aluminum profile is one of the most popular technologies for applying coatings. These processes are certified according to the Qualicoat system, which guarantees compliance with the quality of the coating with leading international standards.

Powder painting

The method involves applying a thin layer of coating to the prepared and cleaned surface. Painting aluminum with powder paint allows you to get a durable coating with excellent protective and decorative properties. Powder coating of aluminum is carried out by spraying a coloring agent with its further polymerization.

The paint shop is equipped with a horizontal powder coating line for the finished profile with automated equipment of recognized leaders in the field of aluminum and metal powder coating technologies. The powder applied to the metal surface is heated in special temperature boxes. After heating, polymer substances form new compounds, while the composition takes the form of a film with high performance properties.

The powder itself is a dry mixture of finely ground pigment and resin particles. These particles pass through special equipment, where they are electrostatically charged, and sprayed onto the surface of the aluminum profile.
Charged particles stick to the surface ("electrically ground") until it is placed in a polymerization furnace. In the heat, the powder melts and sticks together into a rigid, durable and attractive structure.

Powder coating provides a durable and high-quality finish that liquid paints simply cannot offer. The powder provides a wide range of operational properties with excellent resistance to shock and abrasion, temperature (up to 400 degrees), extreme weather conditions and fading from sunlight. Powder paint has a wide variety of colors and surface finishes: gloss, semi-gloss, shagreen, as well as a wide selection of textured, wrinkled, and many other special effects.
Almost any color is available in the range of powder paints, for viewing or choosing a color on the RAL scale.
Pretreatment will dramatically increase the adhesion of the coating and reduce the corrosion rate of the surface. Not only does the effectiveness of pretreatment depend on a good material base and high quality of chemicals, but also on the reliability of the system that controls the temperature, flow rate and duration of the process. Low-temperature cleaners and a wide variety of pretreatment choices (from 20° -60°C) can reduce the energy required for heating and minimize the formation of sludge and waste generated by pretreatment of the paint system. The preliminary process begins with acid washing, which further removes any oils or fats of pollutants, which mechanical processing could not cope with.

Advantages of powder coating of aluminum profile:
– An increase in the quality of the coating due to an increased paint transfer coefficient;
– Saving powder paint due to the exclusion of the human factor;
– Free selection of colors from the names according to the RAL scale.
– Inexpensive cost.
– A thin, even layer, firmly grasping the surface.
– Protection against mechanical damage and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
– Excellent performance.
– A fast and eco-friendly method of staining, since the composition does not contain solvents.

The technology of chemical preparation of the aluminum surface includes the following steps:
– Degreasing in special cleaning solutions;
– Thorough washing in clean water after all chemical operations;
– Etching in a solution based on caustic soda for a certain time and at a given temperature;
– Surface treatment in a solution of sulfuric acid (clarification);
– Final washing in deionized water.

After chemical pretreatment, the aluminum profile is placed on a conveyor, hung on special devices, as a rule, these are hooks. The profile is moved by a conveyor to the polymer powder spraying chambers. After the powder has been applied to the surface, it is checked for uniformity of the coating and then placed in an oven for the required curing time. It can be from 15 minutes to an hour or more.
When the powder has completely polymerized, the profile is removed from the oven and allowed to cool. As soon as the profile cools down, it is checked for the quality of the polymer coating and if the final surface meets our standards, then it is ready for packaging or further conversion.

The color selection is carried out according to the RAL catalog.
The catalog of RAL paint colors is constantly updated with new color samples, taking into account the needs of the growing market.
The RAL powder coating standard contains several thousand systematized and structured colors. The basic RAL CLASSIC color collection includes over 200 colors covering the bulk of the needs for various industries. To realize the goals of professional color design, RAL DESIGN has been developed – a special color palette containing 1688 ordered colors.